6 Tips to Keep The Holidays from Ruining Your Fitness


6 Tips to Keep The Holidays from Ruining Your Fitness

6 Tips to Keep The Holidays from Ruining Your Fitness

With the Holiday Season (and it’s myriad of parties, family get togethers, office snacks and the random neighbor dropping off treats) being in full flow, it can be a tough time to stay on top of your health and fitness goals.

A slice of pie here, a cup of egg nog there, and how could you possibly say no to seconds and thirds when it would be a personal affront to Grandma?

This isn’t an article telling you to say no, or don’t enjoy the delicious food and drink that we all associate the holidays with, because you’re going to do it anyway. And if you think we’re not partial to a few pints and pies over Christmas then you’d be very wrong.

However, Christmas doesn’t have to sabotage all of your hard work that you’ve achieved in the first 11 months of the year.

Keep these tips in mind throughout the festive season to keep yourself in damage limitation mode.

Get in the gym at least twice a week to maintain your strength.  Get as much activity as possible, go for a walk, park as far away as you can at the mall or use our training app for a bodyweight or travel workout.  The key during this time is to avoid a backslide in nutrition, strength and energy systems.

If you know you’re going out for a large meal and drinks then reduce the amount of calories you eat earlier in the day in an attempt to compensate. Maybe skip breakfast and have a salad for lunch, so you can control your calorie intake. We don’t like completely avoiding meals prior to things like this though as going into events starving hungry, often compounds the problem.

Christmas is meant for over indulgence so apply that to veggies too? Make sure you eat plenty of veggies and foods high in fiber to help with the additional load your digestive system is going to be struggling through over the holidays.

When you’re drinking more alcohol your body is going to need more H20.  Water will also help you feel full and help ward of dehydration and hangovers. Try going 1 for 1, one alcoholic drink for one water.

When you hit the buffet table at the party, fill up on the lean meats, healthy fats , veggies and some cheeses. You’ve got to pick your poison and these foods will help fill you up and are hard to overeat.  Stay away from crackers and dips, breads, cakes, cookies etc. It’s easy to overeat these foods as they don’t aid in satiety and are easy to eat handfuls at a time.

The holidays should be a time for you to enjoy food and drink with family and friends so keep a healthy relationship with food and don’t stress over it.  Follow the basic guidelines and don’t let a few days of good cheer ruin the accomplishments of the previous 11 months.

The good news is – It’s not your habits between Christmas and New Year that shape your physique, it’s your habits between New Year and Christmas that do, so enjoy Christmas and make sure come the New Year you’re back on track.