About Our Gym


Welcome to Strive, Greensboro’s ONLY hybrid training center. At Strive we combine the best of functional strength training, small group HIIT, studio cycling and boxing with  traditional fitness offerings such as; cardiofitness, circuit strength, free weights, locker rooms, childcare and more.

Our leadership based training environment is designed to Engage, Educate and Empower you to be your Best Self!  Our goal is to provide solutions not sell memberships.  Our multipurpose training center, professional staff and creative programming are all designed to ensure that you have the tools necessary to change your life.  If you fail to get results here then we too have failed and will do everything in our power to help you be your best!

So come join us for the best hour of your day.  Work hard, stretch your limits and push beyond them. We are a place where positive thoughts become positive actions which lead to positive results.  Let us help you embrace your journey, celebrate your milestones, reach your goals and set new ones.


Strive (verb)

To devote serious effort or energy towards an objective.

Performance (noun)

The manner in which someone or something functions.

Fitness (noun)

The ability for an organism to maintain a level of physical effort.


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