What Our Gym Offers

Strive offers a complete fitness solution featuring a 28,000 square foot training space with the latest equipment, Small Group H.I.I.T. Training Sessions, Personal Strength Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, and more. Helping you achieve results is our #1 priority! Regardless of your fitness level, we offer training options that are targeted to your budget and your results. Simply joining a gym or starting any exercise program is a great start but most of us lack the dedication, knowledge and accountability to sustain a program that delivers and maintains the results we want.


Personal Strength Sessions

Our innovative personal training system makes training affordable and accessible. Sessions are available from 5:30 am – 8:00 pm weekdays and Saturday mornings. Sessions are designed around your specific goals and abilities and structured to help you strengthen and engage multiple muscle groups through compound movements. The result is added strength, improved mobility, and conditioning. Sessions are shared in a semi-private format to help offset cost and improve camaraderie and fun!



This High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) session combines the best of all training formats into one massive calorie burning session that leaves you in an elevated calorie burning state for up to 36 hours post workout.

Type: Metabolic Conditioning
Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Punch! Boxing

This session combines boxing, kickboxing with interval strength, cardio and recovery stretch work to help you burn calories and release stress. Boxing experience not required.

Type: Metabolic Conditioning
Level: Beginner to Advanced



This strength session uses a mix of bodyweight, band, suspension training and barbells to help build strength to boost metabolism and improve tone.

Type: Strength
Level: Beginner to Advanced



This 45 minute interval cardio training and core session is a great introduction to our metabolic conditioning series. Tabata workouts will use body weight exercises, training ropes and other tools to help keep you challenged.

Type: Interval Cardio
Level: Beginner to Advanced


MyZone Programming

MYZONE is a new innovative heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. It monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that converts into MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), with a focus on rewarding effort rather than just activity. We use MyZone to help coach effort and training intensity. How hard are you working?


InBody Assessment

Be Accountable, Be Committed, Get Results! Go beyond the scale and see how you’re changing from the inside out by analyzing your fat, muscle and water weight. With our InBody Analysis we focus on your muscle gain and fat loss and not just weight. These outcomes help us tweak your nutrition and training program to optimize results.


Nutrition Coaching

It’s true that you can not outwork a bad diet. Our nutrition coaching program through Precision Nutrition is designed to help you create a healthy lifestyle through meal planning and habit adoption. Don’t waste time trying to figure out which diet to follow or what breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates are best for you. We will help you control your cravings, boost your energy levels and torch bodyfat with a plan that works for you.



We have over 70 pieces of the best cardiofitness equipment to help you burn calories and train your heart and lungs efficiently. Overhead TV’s provide entertainment and audio is broadcast to a smartphone app. A MyZone monitor is viewable from the cardio deck so you can monitor your heart rate and effort level.


Concept II Rowers
Cybex Arc Trainers
Precor AMT’s and Ellipticals
LifeFitness and Precor Treadmills
LifeFitness Upright and Recumbent Cycles
Jacob’s Ladders
Matrix StepMills


Strength Training

Our strength area is a mix of the latest functional, Olympic, free weight and selectorized equipment designed to maximize your training.


LifeFitness and Hammer Strength Circuit Equipment
Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Equipment
Squat Racks, smith machines, olympic platforms
Kettlebells, dumbbells, medballs and more.


Massage Therapy

Relax, recover and restore with Strive’s onsite Massage Therapy service. Soft tissue work is available in a variety of services including:

Deep Tissue
Hot Stone


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services are available onsite though CalSo Physical Therapy. Whether you need to get back in the game or your trying to reach the top of your game. CalSo Physical Therapy will help you feel your best.


Locker Room and Sauna

Our men’s and women’s locker rooms are equipped with day lockers, dry saunas, restrooms and showers.

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